Who is it for?

The film is grounded in the people and communities struggling with the consequences of a country who has abandoned the war on poverty and the myth of the living wage.
POOR follows 6 families living below the poverty line while they explode the misconception that the poor are lazy or can work their way out of poverty unassisted.

Poverty in America

-40 million Americans live in poverty, their fortunes do not lie in the daily market report but in acquiring basic necessities.
-Over a fifteen year study the income of the top 1% rose 194% while those in poverty only saw a 4% increase unable to outpace the cost of living
-The living wage has become a myth in America and full-time work is often elusive.

our production team

Sean Claffey


Sean Claffey has more than 25 years in the film industry spanning feature films, industry documentaries and commercials. 

Sean is drawn to emotionally compelling projects and embraces the rigors of getting the story right, even under the most challenging circumstances. 

Dave Pederson


Dave Pederson has been an entertainment professional for over 20 years with expertise in Film & Television production, development, sales and distribution.

Dave’s successes include the first internet to television show with MTV’s “I Bet You Will”, producer of the Oscar nominated film “Super Size Me”, and the Cannes Award winning “The Third Wave”.

Jillian Hurley


Jillian Hurley is a media consultant with over 25 years of experience and a long time activist for the working poor, in areas of affordable housing, police reform, and children’s rights. 

Jillian’s production background includes network news, talk shows, casting, and television magazines.

Jeffrey Mann


An amateur economist Jeff Mann has 25+ years in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. 

His interest in America’s economic bubble and the disparate fates of the very rich, the middle class and the working poor led him on an autodidactic journey studying economic theory.